Improving energy efficiency in buildings of Regional Hospital in Kołobrzeg

Implementation of ongoing work

19 October 2015

Implementation of the current tasks within the project entitled “Improving energy efficiency in the buildings of Regional Hospital in Kołobrzeg implemented under the Operational Programme PL04 “Saving energy and promoting renewable energy sources”.

The installation of central heating has been completed . A new district heating substation has been launched. At present preparatory works related to the building of the heating system are being carried out.

Solar panels have been delivered and stored on the hospital roof. There is an ongoing construction work carried out for the needs of the solar node, ie. to adapt the room to create a future solar exchanger.

Finishing works are being carried out, among others securing the foundations of bituminous insulation and installation of a waterproof polystyrene.

Planned works:

  1. Supply and assembly of the supporting construction for the solar panels.
  2. Insulation of the divisions of central heating.
  3. Installation of the fire doors in accordance with project documentation and fire regulations expertise.
  4. Assembly of the levels of hot water and circulation.
eea grants
Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through funding from the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area.