Improving energy efficiency in buildings of Regional Hospital in Kołobrzeg

About the hospital

29 February 2016

The mission of the Regional Hospital in Kołobrzeg is to provide stationary medical care and advice in specialist clinics at a level ensuring complete safety and wellbeing of the local community.

The beneficiary of the project is the Regional Hospital in Kołobrzeg which is a coastal town, located in the northern part of the West Pomeranian Province.

Regional Hospital in Kolobrzeg is a multidisciplinary hospital providing medical services in 14 stationary branches, 2 day wards and 25 specialistic clinics. Kolobrzeg hospital staff consist of 123 medical specialists, 24 resident doctors and 287 nurses and midwives. The number of patients in Kolobrzeg facility reaches more than 16,000 per year. Due to the nature of the tourist-spa town hospital provides medical services to patients from all over the country as well as abroad.

In order to continuously improve the quality and availability of medical services hospital improves implemented standards of medical treatment, supports the training and development of medical staff, participates in many programs of prevention and health promotion and provides offices and laboratories with the high-end medical equipment and apparatus. An additional factor contributing to the improvement of the functioning of the hospital is implemented integrated management system built according to ISO 9001 “quality management”, ISO IEC 27001 “Information Security Management”, PN-N 18001 “management of occupational health and safety” and ISO 14001 “environmental management” .

eea grants
Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through funding from the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area.