Improving energy efficiency in buildings of Regional Hospital in Kołobrzeg

Execution of ongoing work

30 March 2016

The information regards the execution of construction works carried out within the framework of the project entitled. “Improving the energy efficiency of the buildings of Regional Hospital in Kolobrzeg” implemented under the Operational Programme PL04 ​​”Saving energy and promoting renewable energy sources.”

In March the following work related to the project was completed:

  1. Installation of solar collectors on the roofs of the Regional Hospital in Kolobrzeg was completed, along with connecting the heating system filled with glycol supplied to the heat exchange in the technical room B.
  2. BMS system for managing thermal energy was launched. It monitors and controls the operation of the solar collectors and district heating in the buildings of the hospital.
  3. Installation of LED energy-saving lamps in the premises of the Regional Hospital in Kolobrzeg was completed, emergency lighting was installed and the necessary finishing work was made.
  4. Installation of motion sensors in the places indicated in the project was completed, including passageways, sanitary facilities and toilets.
  5. Development of the central heating department was completed.
eea grants
Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through funding from the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area.