Improving energy efficiency in buildings of Regional Hospital in Kołobrzeg

Installation of solar collectors

27 November 2015

As a part of the next phase of the project entitled. “Improving energy efficiency in the buildings of Regional Hospital in Kolobrzeg” the installation of solar panels on the roofs of buildings A and C was completed and the solar exchanger equipment was supplied.

A few words about solar collectors:

Solar collectors are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient way of heating water. This is a renewable energy source. More and more often, these devices are seen on the roofs of buildings, including hospitals.

Solar collectors are large mirrors built with several special layers, which are mounted on the walls and roofs of buildings. Their task is to catch the rays of light and gather the energy needed for a conversion into thermal energy. The task of the solar collectors is primarily to heat water and support the heating system. The fuel for solar panels is solar radiation, rather than the temperature of the surroundings. Therefore, the collectors always work when the sunlight reaches them – even in winter.

In the period from March to October, well-chosen set of solars can provide 80-90 percent of the demand for hot water. In summer months, which are the warmest, it may be up to 100 percent. Solar water heating system is also convenient – maintenance-free and eco-friendly – using natural energy resources, and therefore having no adverse impact on the environment.

Other work carried out in the buildings of the Regional Hospital in Kolobrzeg:

  1. Completed installation of fire doors
  2. Ongoing work on the installation of thermal insulation divisions of central heating.
  3. Completed installation of levels of hot water under the buildings A, B and D.
eea grants
Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through funding from the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area.