Improving energy efficiency in buildings of Regional Hospital in Kołobrzeg

Project handover

31 August 2016

On August 1, 2016 a Final Accepntance Certificate was signed relating to the work carried out within the framework of the project entitled. “Improving the energy efficiency of the buildings of Regional Hospital in Kolobrzeg.” A team, which consisted of hospital staff, building inspectors and representatives of the contractor, oversaw the procedure of the acceptance.

The scope of the work performed according to the project:

  • thermo-modernization of the building envelopes , including polystyrene foam, mineral wool and mineral wool granulate, (external walls, jambs, flat roofs, roofs, attic walls, the walls in the ground) with a total area of 19 m2 486.22;
  • modernization / replacement of the door woodwork – 9 pcs. of the total area of36,93 m2;
  • modernization / replacement of windows – 68 pc. of the total area of 248.65 m2;
  • installation of flat solar collectors – 200 pcs., with a total area of 426 m2 and the active power of 0.348 MW;
  • modernization of the district heating substation for the allocation of the heat – 1 pc with a capacity of 1,273 MW;
  • installation of energy management in the buildings – 1 pc .;
  • replacing the auxiliary power devices with energy-efficient ones – 6 pcs., with a total power of 4.29 kW – includes replacement of the pumps with continuous regulation;
  • replacing the built-in lighting with energy efficient one – 3.267 pcs., with a total power of 164.26 kW – LED lamps, some with motion sensors;
  • modernization of internal systems – central heating (C.O.) – includes replacement of 720 pieces of radiators and thermo-valves;
  • modernization of internal systems – hot water (hot tap water) – replacing 1,146 valves and 3,960 M. B. installation; installation of aerators – 913 pcs .;
eea grants
Supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through funding from the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area.